Our Collection service can help reduce the frustration of debt collections, by pursuing your debtors while you to focus on your core business. Collection agencies can be objective in the collection process, which often results in faster and larger collection We help your business increase profit by recovering bad-debt on your behalf. We have a reputation for professional, effective and successful activity.

"How much does the service cost?"
Nothing, until we collect. The amount we take is tiny in comparison to losing the whole amount.

"How do you collect?"
We use a proprietary blend of letters, phone calls, faxes, emails and private investigators. We credit report weekly and use a network of more than 100 attorneys if suit is necessary.

"How many stages of collection do you have?"
We use a four stage process:
Stage 1 is very soft and non threatening.
Stage 2 is normal debt negotiation.
Stage 3 is persistent and intolerable.
Stage 4 is filing suit in the local jurisdiction.

"Can I pick the stage I want to start in?"
Absolutely but I recommend starting in stage 1.

"Which city can you collect in?"
We provide national and international coverage for our clients. We are appropriately licensed in all cities in Egypt and jurisdictions that require licensing and/or use an attorney local to your debtor who is.

How often will I get updates?"
With your user name and password provided by IPC, you will be able to see the latest update for your statues anytime

Is it hard to place an account into collections?"
Not at all. All you have to do is fill out the placement form and send it to me. That's it.

"What if I don't know where the debtor is located?"
we will not stop until the debtor resurfaces. Contact us today and ask about a  "Deep Skip"

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